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On-goings of the Campaign.

Well, as you can tell we haven’t been playing much.

It’s w/ unfortunate thought that I must add on top of that. W/ Megan and I splitting we’ve worked out where I have Paige between Friday and Sunday until roughly 6PM on Sunday, so w/ that I am not able to host Sundays any longer.

In addition, my parent’s house burned down last Wednesday, so it’s been a whirlwind of emotions, mental draining and a lot of Jack. ;) She’s in the hospital, so please keep her in your prayers – if that’s your thing. (She’s alright, for the most part as she has COPD, but she inhaled smoke nevertheless.)

W/ that said these are my thoughts, as I don’t want to see the group plain out disappear:

1.) Moving the night to sometime during the work week. I know Jon had mentioned this previously, but wanted to present it as an option to everyone else.

2.) I’ve been interested in going back into tabletop gaming as there are a few local areas to play along w/ the possibility of playing at home. I used to play Warhammer 40K and some Warhammer Fantasy, but I’ve been looking into getting into Warmachine/Hordes by Privateer Press. So, if folks have an interest in joining me you’re more then welcome. (The game isn’t as expensive as some of there are others are.

So, give me a call, let me know your thoughts.



I’m glad to hear about your mom, J, and of course a speedy recovery. Is she back from the hospital?

I think everyone has basically the same sentiments as J: we have a pretty damn good group, and it would be more than a disappointment to see it just fizzle out. But, like we all understand, life has to take priority, and sometimes the game gets put on ice as a result. More on this to follow.

Help me out a bit here, J: Warhammer is both a P&P RPG and a miniatures game correct? You’re leaning towards the miniatures version, right? Before I make any statement on whether I’m for or against any game, I need to look into everything a bit. I looked into Warmachine/Hordes, and while it looks like it would be fun, I’m a bit hesitant to try to break into another game, especially another “collectible” game (I spent WAY too much on M:tG in my younger days). Right now, I have RPG books I’ve never used for a game, and can’t justify buying more games or books at the moment.

At the moment, I would prefer the change of night, but if the majority of the group would rather opt for tabletop games, I really don’t have a problem with it. Actually, if someone has spare “parts” for miniature army building, I’d be game to try it (or any other game for that matter).

I also need to make a few statements.

  • First is that I cannot play this weekend (4/29): I have an exam on Tuesday, and few projects to finish up before then.
  • Second, I cannot play next weekend (5/6): my younger sister is graduating from Michigan State University, and I would like to attend.
  • Lastly, in probably September (maybe October), I likely will be moving to west Michigan. That was a bit vague, let me try again: In October, the chances of me living west Michigan are very high. So, I would like to get some good gaming (of any sort) in before then. We did Catan last weekend (I had a great time with that game), and I’ve heard great things about all of the Munchkin iterations. Maybe we playtest the D&D Next in a bunch of 1 shots? I hear it goes to open beta in late May (but WotC doesn’t have the best track record for release schedules).

So, this didn’t turn out to be all that great a post: rambling and not really coming down on the issue.

Let’s not forget one more thing, guys: Mike is back in like 4 days, or something like that.


On-goings of the Campaign.

Mike is back? Like… He seriously left? I’ve not even got a response from him yet. lol

By Warhammer I meant… Well, I don’t know what I meant. I know that the whole Games Workshop series is, while having very nice models, far too overpriced. As of right now I’ll be putting an order in for Protectorate of Menoth for Warmachines. I’ve seen the system played, and as it stands, it’s taking the running lead for best tabletop miniature game. It’s somewhat expensive, but you need far less models to actually play the damn game.

I’m down for whatever, and Don has already said that he’s available for everything except Tuesdays. Anyone else wanna throw in their two cents? If we played during the week, we’d start at 6:30-7:00 as I am home by then. I could quite possibly shifting my time to play depending on the day as well. (As in, I could shift my time to get off at 5 on a certain day and then be home by 5:30 or 6:00.)

As far as games are concerned. I don’t know. I’d like to get into something semi-serious, but that’s up in the air. I’d personally like to do Pathfinder again and as a DM. I’d still like to talk about it though and see what everyone thinks. W/ me having “free” weeknights now I have more time to devote to actually running a set number of adventures.

On-goings of the Campaign.

Oh, and in addition, Mom is well. She’s two minutes away from my apartment since she has been transferred out of UofM. The house on the other hand… Yeah, no.

On-goings of the Campaign.

As far as what games we play, I’m down for anything that doesn’t use up a lot of money. I do have some mini for Warhammer 40k, but they are not even painted yet.

I like the idea of a couple of one shots. I’m more then willing to DM a couple. Get some more XP at DMing.

Also, anyone interested in playing Shadowrun?

On-goings of the Campaign.

I need to see where my schedule lands: I need to take a class over the summer, and depending on what time I get it will dictate when I’m available. I’ll try to set it up for Tuesday/Thursday evening class so that I’m available on Monday, if that sounds good for everyone else. I’m not too picky about which game/system we run, other than the whole money thing.

As for Mike: not my best of jokes. I think he said he would see us again in May?

On-goings of the Campaign.

I think that it was his one-liner to insult, indirectly, me. When I’m checking my email I see him logged in all the damn time, so… Whateva’! What’s everyone doing tonight?

On-goings of the Campaign.

Breathing. Probably with a chance of walking. Done with work around 5.

Also, I think Kevin said his phone was acting up, especially with the internet, so that’s probably why he hasn’t been on here.

On-goings of the Campaign.

Sorry, guys: I’m booked tonight preparing for an exam. I’ll let everyone know tomorrow, but perhaps Monday evening (I’m going to my sister’s graduation on Sunday evening)?

On-goings of the Campaign.

I can do Monday afternoon.

On-goings of the Campaign.

I can do Monday!

On-goings of the Campaign.

Monday works for me. Actually, Monday here on out should work.

What are we playing and when are we gathering? Someone make sure Kesta catches word.

On-goings of the Campaign.

I’ll toss him a text. Do we want to plan something or…? Do we want to get together to see what happens here on out?

On-goings of the Campaign.

:( …. I can’t do tomorrow :( …. but I got a job! … yep.. I have no fricken clue when I’m free now adays :(.
I think I finally got the phone in working condition. Sorry to hear about all the not so great life events going on. :(. ..
Uhm. So I guess this answers my question if we’re meeting tonight xD lol.

I’m down for whatever. But I’m with Don and fig on the money this.g. I’m down to play I just need a way to collect pieces. Uhm…
I prolly missed something somewhere, but whatever works for everyone else ill try my best to conform! Lol

On-goings of the Campaign.

If we can meet up, i can dm a quick pathfinder game. And also talk about future plans.

I learned that was pretty good at inproving when i was dming. I don’t have anything worked out, so it won’t be pretty but i can still make it happen. You can use your goblin characters or make a new one around that lvl. (lvl 6, i think) if you guys would like to do that.

On-goings of the Campaign.

Do to my ride, who has an appointment after work. The earliest I can do is 6:45 maybe even 6:30.

On-goings of the Campaign.

So, I wanted to post here for clarification. I’d like to setup something that’s a bit “permanent”, but I believe we can do that when everyone comes over. Here are my thoughts so far:

1.) I have something planned out on paper I’ve had in both my mind and written down that I think you guys would like. It’s not a campaign really, but is more of a one-shot that would take three sessions. I’d like to offer it up starting this Friday. That is if you all want me to DM or like the way I DM. Please let me know, as you won’t hurt my feelings either way. ;) (I’ll make another thread w/ details if we go this route.)

2.) I’m cleaning up from the house, getting Megan’s new apartment in order, and getting used to having Paige on the weekends. This Friday works w/ me because I worked it out w/ Megan. After that I’d like to switch to Mondays.

3.) Fig, you mentioned moving. How soon are we looking at and etc?

4.) As we all “know it” does anyone mind sticking w/ Pathfinder for t6he coming weeks?

5.) I mentioned that I was buying a miniature game that I’d play at gaming stores in the area. I wasn’t trying to suggest we all buy the armies and/or etc. I was just saying that if someone else would like to play that’d be cool and I’d love having you. (I’m going to be playing Warmachine/Hordes and fielding Protectorate of Menoth, and when they are released in plastics, Trollbloods.)

6.) Kevin, did you still want to chat about that PC you wanted to make? I know I didn’t get back to you because of all the drama that has been happening in my life.

And seriously, I consider you all friends, and I wanted to say that I highly appreciate you all putting up w/ my antics over the past few months. It’s been a whirlwind of drama and. quite frankly, I’ve never had this much happen in such a short period of time. So again, thank you.


On-goings of the Campaign.

Those times work for me. And you’re the best dm I’ve had.

Pathfinder is good too. I’ve been making random characters for it.

On-goings of the Campaign.

Oh, there will be rules. I’ll give you examples of two options for a back-story and you three take a vote on what appeals you for me to present and run. (Both are well thought out, but one of them is a bit intriguing because it “forces” you to play a character you may not have played before.)

And thank you for the kind words Don.

On-goings of the Campaign.

So I feel like I went from the one who was always available to the one who can never show. I apologize but until I can sort things out with work I’m not sure when I’d be available. :(

And hey man! S’all good :D life happens, there ain’t nothing u can do about it.

I’ll aim to be free next Monday for ya tho :) again I apologize for my lack of availability

On-goings of the Campaign.

I’ll take care of my matters first. I’m looking at moving to Grand Rapids some time in September. Most of it depends on when I can find a job, but I’m tentatively looking at mid September. My girlfriend is going to be starting medical school out there, and I would like to be with her during it.

I dig playing Pathfinder. I thank you all for the forays into M&M and SWSE, but I think we are most familiar and comfortable with Pathfinder. As an aside, I have been speaking with George about his game and he has told me some great things about it. I’ve been coming up with some character concepts for his game, and would love to try one of them out. You’ll GM then, J, for a few weeks? Who wants to take it up next?

If we do this (a number of one-shots, or maybe 3-4 session arcs), would anyone oppose using the same characters or same level of game each week? While I love just making characters, if we don’t have a set GM, let’s get some sort of consensus of how it’s all going to flow. I think I mentioned it before, but the D&D betas come out late this month, if anyone wants to try that game.

Don’t worry about things being hectic: While life comes before the game, the game transcends life. Or something like that.

On-goings of the Campaign.
Figstipher Miroudias

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