Star Wars: Fig Edition

In the Beginning

Alright, so I’ve managed to put this off a good little while, and though I still haven’t had a chance to fully examine the books for use, I have had a chance to set the first scene.

First, each of you are all part of a “Noah’s Ark” of sorts. All of you have been on a ship for the entirety of your lives, as well as your parents, grandparents and so on, at least 10 generations (though this is a bit of a fluid number based on longevity of various races—assume for the moment that all races have basically human life spans). Not much is known about what would have been your homeworld, though there are some passing references to it being destroyed in oral traditions. There is some information stored in the computers on board, but it is fragmented and stories have evolved around the fragments (Think trying to piece together the world only from news headlines). For those of you with Knowledge (history), there is a good chance you have some “bard” in your background or were very close to a family with one. For a good idea of how things have been, check out the film Wall-E and ignore most of the commercialism and sloth.

Now for the classes and how I expect them to fit in with this game.

Nobles: This is somewhat straight forward. It is likely that your family was one of the better educated ones when they were taken aboard the ship, Nowhere. If they weren’t the best educated, then they perhaps ran an important industry—white collars, if you will. They tend to be “people persons,” have unusual knowledge about civilization, people/races, and abstract ideas that are unusually applicable to a given situation that doesn’t involve fitting tube A into coupling B.

Scoundrels: I’m not sure yet how these work, but they were likely rogues of some kind. They are lucky, quick-witted as well as on their feet, and always seem to get out of trouble. They can broker a deal that everyone is happy enough with, and they still come out with a profit.

Scouts: These probably are the most inquisitive of the classes. Odds are most of the people involved with the ship’s everyday activities are scouts, though even the knowledge they possess is fragmented: they are probably apprentices of more experienced scouts and scoundrels who figured it out through trial and error. For those of an engineering bent, you were probably the child taking apart devices and putting them back together with extra features. For those more inclined to exploring, perhaps you were caught sneaking through every corner of the ship finding abandoned areas. Regardless, as a scout, you were always on the hunt for more of what made you tick.

Soldiers: This one also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the context right now. You were a jock? I don’t know. Perhaps you were a boxer, or a particularly skilled marksman with a blaster. You probably have a tale in your family of a great warrior. Feel free to make up why soldiers still exist (keep in mind that this isn’t a tale from Bioshock, though).

Finally, Jedi: I mentioned earlier that “Jedi” don’t exist in the classical sense. There are probably people out there practicing some form of the Jedi view of the Living Force, though it is rare you would ever find one: think Yoda and how he really doesn’t advertise much. The same is true for Sith/Dark Jedi, though those with darkside scores are very likely if they can use the Force. As of present, the occasional Force user pops up to wreak havoc for a bit as a warlord of sorts, but they tend to burn out rather quickly: since little of the effects of the Force are commonly known, they tend to go insane.
J, for you, given your blindness, you would have probably been taken as a servant to a more wealthy family (perhaps even Kesta’s). It would have been astonishing to any that you could accurately function except for one human on the ship who took a shine to you. Feel free to give him a name and attitude. He was a bit of a recluse, but he was able to guide you in many ways training you in the most basic of Force usage. As it turns out, he was not a Jedi formally, though he is the Keeper of the Book of (insert Force Tradition). He is much like a “wizard” in that he had to study to gain even the most basic of feel for the Force, though you were able to easily feel it and utilize it (your “sight”), like a “sorcerer.” He took you as his caretaker, though, when he was rather old and without children of his own, so he passed down the book and its knowledge to you before he passed. He also gave you a lightsaber, though he had little understanding of it: you were the first person to activate it in several lifetimes.

Think of this whole situation as having some “post-apocalyptic” feel.

Feel free to suggest changes to things I’ve said here. The only thing I request is that before we start, we codify things. I liked the idea J came up with during the Sins game: There is no basic as a universal language. Instead, everyone from the ship can speak some agreed upon language (you guys can all take it as a replacement for Basic—maybe Quarrennese?). Linguist still allows for extra languages, probably taken up by interactions with the other families on the ship. Consider it like ethnic towns in the US: you can hear Italian, Greek, Welsh, Spanish, Arabic (various dialects) throughout Boston or New York, despite the fact that there are not some outrageous number of new immigrants each year.

Let me know if this sounds like a good thing, or if you have any questions. Actually, if they are something that might affect the group, please post them here.

The Darkside Score Problem
The Bodak Problem

Post here what your thoughts about how to govern Darkside scores.

Here are my thoughts on it.

*Obviously, it makes sense that using powers with the [Darkside] descriptor would do this, but it then really won’t effect any except Force Users. (Keep in mind that any character may take the Force Sensitive feat to start taking Force powers.)

*Additionally, I have some idea that all of you are going to fall a certain “foreign policy” camp, and acting outside of that might begin to build Darkside points. I don’t really like this idea because it is a bit limiting.

*I’m trying to portray “Darkside” as a form of insanity, and while I like the idea that Force users can go insane through actually using the Force, I don’t like how it is limited to only Force Users. What do you guys think?

Some topics worth discussing are:

  • Will non-Force users have Dark Side Scores? This is a matter of some debate as the text is fairly ambiguous.*
  • What are the consequences of turning fully to the Dark Side? Will PCs remain playable or become NPCs?*
  • Earning Increases:
  • The use of the Force as a first resort in solving a problem, even if you’re using non-lethal powers like Force Stun.
  • Letting evil occur by inaction.

Pay special attention to the paragraphs on atoning. Ensure your players know that they can spend Force points to reduce Dark Side Score on a one-for-one basis, and that it assumes that the characters have spent some time in meditation and doing good works (this can happen off-screen, of course, but if a character does something particularly good, generous or altruistic in play, suggest they consider burning a Force point). Also assure your players that you’re willing to discuss Dark Side Score increases after any session; as an increase only has an overt or mechanical effect if a given PC’s Dark Side Score is pushed over its Wisdom, this should be no problem.

I’ll also mention that there have been some players mentioning not taking Force Sensitivity for of fear of accruing Darkside points. I think the above list takes care of most of the ambiguity with regard to the matter.

Looking a bit closer at page 94 in the Core book, there is the list of transgressions. I do like it, and am not opposed to using it. If everyone else is, too, we’ll go with it. I’ll hand out Darkside points as I see appropriate. As they occur, I’ll try to explain my thoughts on it, and (outside of the game or during a break in the action) I welcome some contest to them. If you’re right, I’ll admit it and allow a simple atonement for it.

Apparently, you can use [Lightside] powers even if you have a Darkside score, though you may not use a Force point to improve your UTF roll. Additionally, you may never use a Force point to improve UTF rolls. (p. 95).

A Complete List of Saga Edition Books.

This is so everyone has the proper list – taken from Wikipedia:

Star Wars: Roleplaying Game – Saga Edition Core Rulebook (ISBN 978-0-7869-4356-2)
Starships of the Galaxy (Saga Edition) (ISBN 978-0-7869-4823-9)
Threats of the Galaxy (ISBN 978-0-7869-4781-2)
Galaxy Tiles (ISBN 978-0-7869-4744-7)
Star Wars Gamemaster Screen (ISBN 978-0-7869-4936-6)
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (ISBN 978-0-7869-4923-6)
The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (ISBN 978-0-7869-4743-0)
Scum and Villainy (ISBN 978-0-7869-5035-5)
The Clone Wars Campaign Guide (ISBN 978-0-7869-4999-1)
Legacy Era Campaign Guide (ISBN 978-0-7869-5051-5)
Jedi Academy Training Manual (ISBN 978-0-7869-5183-3)
Rebellion Era Campaign Guide (ISBN 978-0-7869-4983-0)
Galaxy At War (ISBN 978-0-7869-5221-2)
Scavenger’s Guide to Droids (ISBN 978-0-7869-5230-4)
Galaxy of Intrigue (ISBN 978-0-7869-5400-1)
The Unknown Regions (ISBN 978-0-7869-5399-8)

As it stands I believe the PDFs of books we have are missing a few, namely another Campaign Guide – Rebellion Era.

Take a look!


Session 3/25

I’m going to kill this post whenever we next meet up, but I can already tell that I will not be able to gather with everyone this upcoming weekend.

Without getting into any specifics, I need to get my act together.

I’ll check up on these posts over the next two weeks, trying to add to the game so we can get a bit of the roleplay stuff done between sessions, so feel free to keep the game moving. Again, would someone mind posting a synopsis of the session?

If memory serves, we left the game with the small cave explored, the crystal was taken by Moroque (who is now running back to Ralrra), Kesta and the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” are on the ground, unconscious.


the adventure begins
and all the angels cried

Aight, so an overview of last session, lets see here.

Attention; hospitable planet, 2 days until landing.

I was overjoyed, Kesta btw, that’s me. This is a story of me. My personal journal .. for as long as I lasted…

It began as any other day, went down to help delegate food supplies to the unfortunate with Maroque. My body guard, I get the feeling sometimes like she’s the only one on this ship that doesn’t like me :( .. I try everyday tho to bring her around, but she’s just so… distant. Anyways.

Hearing the news I was ecstatic! So I ran to the house to see what kinds of plans were being made. Unfortunately they shoved me off like I was some kind of… some. kind of nuisance! So a bit rejected I decided we could do what mar (Maroque) wanted to do. It seemed like she longed for “home” (she lives with some old dog) so we did. He said some stuff, and well.. I couldn’t understand a word so I just tried to be polite. :) anyways after that Mar seemed determined to collect information. So! To the library! And the computer! (Ty Lexington) and to the houses personal historian!! Woot! After a while we really did all we could do. Oh! We talked to some khil. They were real nice! I ended up bringing them back gifts! The Guy I got the gifts from tho tried hitting on me?! But he was real nice after I threatened to make my tea with his jewels. :D yay! No one knows that tho, so you better not tell any journal! ;)

Lets see after that I just helped over at the medical bay and stuff until it was time to meet up with Mar! Oh and Lexington was there too, aperently she had found a door! A door that led outside!! It was crazy! So we went out and things happened we shall not speak of. Lost my shoes tho. Anyways, they were a little ahead of me, but when I caught up aperently they had a little confrontation with the natives… eek. Anyways uhm.. after that we found a cave! It was crazy! I had never seen anything like this! The holograms are cool was this?! This was real!!! Crazy right?! So the rest is kinda fuzzy. There was the cave, and a statue, and Mar took this huge jewel, and the statue attacked her while I was talking to it. I knew studying languages would come in handy some day!! But Mar looked like she was getting hit real bad so I ran to go treat her wounds in case she fell unconscious but when I was running by the statue… well she put her hand hand up… and… I think I died.!!! Wait I’m dead?! This can’t be right!! Wrong wring wrong!! I can’t be dead yet?! Can I?!

Log 001: Lexi Keenan


Translation Completed.

Part 1.


“Habitable planet detected, course set, arrival in 48 hours.”

I was currently on the job when that message was spoken over the haphazard intercom. I just finished fixing a leaking gas vent when the com perked up. At first, it took a second to process, and then a couple of hours to actually value what that meant. After such time, I was downright excited. My curiosity has gotten me in trouble in the past but this, this was completely different. As soon as I heard it I wanted to be on that planet yesterday.

A noble and her bodyguard where walking by soon after the announcement. I’ve seen them around of course, but never really got to know them. (mostly cause of I’m a loner) The noble, what was her name? Kesha? Keste? Mmm, maybe it was Kesta, that sounds right, she seems alright for a Zeltron, a little too uppity for my taste but whatever. She said she was going to check and see what the plan was, (her family is up there, so they do have a say in what happens). She asked, or I volunteered, to dig up some info on the planet itself. Her bodyguard stood motionless, as always, she’s the type that seems like she could take you down without breaking a sweat. I never really caught her name. Think it starts with a M…

Anyway, a terminal was nearby, so I thought I could look through some of the files on the computer, see what comes up. After a few moments, I learned the planet is name Belnar, homeworld of the Khil. 23 hours completes a full rotation. 347 said days completes a full revolution.

Met up with Kesta again and her bodyguard. We exchanged info, she didn’t have anything interesting stuff to say, just talked to talk. Though after I told her about the planet being the homeworld of the Khil, she mentioned their are some Khil on the ship. Which is strange since I never seen them around, maybe I need to get out more. Though I did find some cool scrap on my usual explorations.

We went all together to meet the Khil, the bodyguard actually talked to them, being very respectful, which I guess her job calls for. I pretty much daydreamed the whole time, but did ask about their technology and how cities are set-up. We left with them looking at me funny, though I’m not sure why.

Had some time left so I explored a bit. Nothing too exciting until I saw a Yuuzhan Vong exiting the medical research sector. Didn’t think too much about it, I’ve seen them around.

The next day I started as always with work. Fixing a worn down terminal, took about two hours.
Found Kesta again, (even if I don’t mention it, SHE is with her.) talked about…something. But while dillydallying I thought about what the atmosphere and other environmental factors are on Belnar. So I located a nearby terminal and started digging around, though I should say tried too. I’ve always been better with the hardware rather then the software. So I went and looked for a not-too-busy house member. I had to do him a favor by working his shift today but I thought the info was worth it. Took me four hours to do it, damn circuity, almost fried myself.

But the good news that it was worth it, the guy got better dirt then I did. Turns out that the atmosphere is pretty much the same as on the ship, even the gravity is the same. I believed this info was worth calling up Kesta on the com, which I did.

When I was done talking, I looked up the exit ramp off this old hunk of junk. Turns out, I know exactly where it was. Called Kesta and told her where it was, asked to meetup seeing how we were about to land. About 20min to planetside, my parents called up asking me where I was and how, “I was suppose to be with them at this time.” The hell?!? This is the start to a new beginning, how am I to just hunker down and be afraid? I went to see them anyway, tried to bargin with them but talking isn’t my thing, so I just shrugged them off and went back to the door. I was just in time as the door opened and I stepped on the planet.

In the Cave

Lexi has the rifle and is kneeling over Kesta. Kesta is now awake and can see the assailant a few feet away, also on the ground, twitching.

On-goings of the Campaign.

Well, as you can tell we haven’t been playing much.

It’s w/ unfortunate thought that I must add on top of that. W/ Megan and I splitting we’ve worked out where I have Paige between Friday and Sunday until roughly 6PM on Sunday, so w/ that I am not able to host Sundays any longer.

In addition, my parent’s house burned down last Wednesday, so it’s been a whirlwind of emotions, mental draining and a lot of Jack. ;) She’s in the hospital, so please keep her in your prayers – if that’s your thing. (She’s alright, for the most part as she has COPD, but she inhaled smoke nevertheless.)

W/ that said these are my thoughts, as I don’t want to see the group plain out disappear:

1.) Moving the night to sometime during the work week. I know Jon had mentioned this previously, but wanted to present it as an option to everyone else.

2.) I’ve been interested in going back into tabletop gaming as there are a few local areas to play along w/ the possibility of playing at home. I used to play Warhammer 40K and some Warhammer Fantasy, but I’ve been looking into getting into Warmachine/Hordes by Privateer Press. So, if folks have an interest in joining me you’re more then welcome. (The game isn’t as expensive as some of there are others are.

So, give me a call, let me know your thoughts.



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