Star Wars: Fig Edition

the adventure begins

and all the angels cried

Aight, so an overview of last session, lets see here.

Attention; hospitable planet, 2 days until landing.

I was overjoyed, Kesta btw, that’s me. This is a story of me. My personal journal .. for as long as I lasted…

It began as any other day, went down to help delegate food supplies to the unfortunate with Maroque. My body guard, I get the feeling sometimes like she’s the only one on this ship that doesn’t like me :( .. I try everyday tho to bring her around, but she’s just so… distant. Anyways.

Hearing the news I was ecstatic! So I ran to the house to see what kinds of plans were being made. Unfortunately they shoved me off like I was some kind of… some. kind of nuisance! So a bit rejected I decided we could do what mar (Maroque) wanted to do. It seemed like she longed for “home” (she lives with some old dog) so we did. He said some stuff, and well.. I couldn’t understand a word so I just tried to be polite. :) anyways after that Mar seemed determined to collect information. So! To the library! And the computer! (Ty Lexington) and to the houses personal historian!! Woot! After a while we really did all we could do. Oh! We talked to some khil. They were real nice! I ended up bringing them back gifts! The Guy I got the gifts from tho tried hitting on me?! But he was real nice after I threatened to make my tea with his jewels. :D yay! No one knows that tho, so you better not tell any journal! ;)

Lets see after that I just helped over at the medical bay and stuff until it was time to meet up with Mar! Oh and Lexington was there too, aperently she had found a door! A door that led outside!! It was crazy! So we went out and things happened we shall not speak of. Lost my shoes tho. Anyways, they were a little ahead of me, but when I caught up aperently they had a little confrontation with the natives… eek. Anyways uhm.. after that we found a cave! It was crazy! I had never seen anything like this! The holograms are cool was this?! This was real!!! Crazy right?! So the rest is kinda fuzzy. There was the cave, and a statue, and Mar took this huge jewel, and the statue attacked her while I was talking to it. I knew studying languages would come in handy some day!! But Mar looked like she was getting hit real bad so I ran to go treat her wounds in case she fell unconscious but when I was running by the statue… well she put her hand hand up… and… I think I died.!!! Wait I’m dead?! This can’t be right!! Wrong wring wrong!! I can’t be dead yet?! Can I?!


Figstipher Kesta

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