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The Darkside Score Problem

The Bodak Problem

Post here what your thoughts about how to govern Darkside scores.

Here are my thoughts on it.

*Obviously, it makes sense that using powers with the [Darkside] descriptor would do this, but it then really won’t effect any except Force Users. (Keep in mind that any character may take the Force Sensitive feat to start taking Force powers.)

*Additionally, I have some idea that all of you are going to fall a certain “foreign policy” camp, and acting outside of that might begin to build Darkside points. I don’t really like this idea because it is a bit limiting.

*I’m trying to portray “Darkside” as a form of insanity, and while I like the idea that Force users can go insane through actually using the Force, I don’t like how it is limited to only Force Users. What do you guys think?

Some topics worth discussing are:

  • Will non-Force users have Dark Side Scores? This is a matter of some debate as the text is fairly ambiguous.*
  • What are the consequences of turning fully to the Dark Side? Will PCs remain playable or become NPCs?*
  • Earning Increases:
  • The use of the Force as a first resort in solving a problem, even if you’re using non-lethal powers like Force Stun.
  • Letting evil occur by inaction.

Pay special attention to the paragraphs on atoning. Ensure your players know that they can spend Force points to reduce Dark Side Score on a one-for-one basis, and that it assumes that the characters have spent some time in meditation and doing good works (this can happen off-screen, of course, but if a character does something particularly good, generous or altruistic in play, suggest they consider burning a Force point). Also assure your players that you’re willing to discuss Dark Side Score increases after any session; as an increase only has an overt or mechanical effect if a given PC’s Dark Side Score is pushed over its Wisdom, this should be no problem.

I’ll also mention that there have been some players mentioning not taking Force Sensitivity for of fear of accruing Darkside points. I think the above list takes care of most of the ambiguity with regard to the matter.

Looking a bit closer at page 94 in the Core book, there is the list of transgressions. I do like it, and am not opposed to using it. If everyone else is, too, we’ll go with it. I’ll hand out Darkside points as I see appropriate. As they occur, I’ll try to explain my thoughts on it, and (outside of the game or during a break in the action) I welcome some contest to them. If you’re right, I’ll admit it and allow a simple atonement for it.

Apparently, you can use [Lightside] powers even if you have a Darkside score, though you may not use a Force point to improve your UTF roll. Additionally, you may never use a Force point to improve UTF rolls. (p. 95).


I’m at work, but this is ONE of many ideas that I read late last night that got stuck in my head that, for one reason or another, I really liked:

Dark Side House Rule #1 – If you choose to TAKE a power w/ the [Dark Side] descriptor it does not increase your number of current Dark Side points upon its use, however the DM may deem at the time of the action that the enforcement of Dark Side points IS deemed necessary – See later statement. (EXAMPLE: Bob uses Force Lightning to fry sleeping children just because he can would deem, by any DM’s standards, the actual gaining of Dark Side points. However, if Bob uses Force lightning to blow out a row of lights going down a corridor to avoid detection and advance w/ stealth, that would not gain him any Dark Side points as the use of the power was not actually w/ evil intent.)

The flip side to this is that anyone that can use Force Powers MAY use powers w/ the [Dark Side] descriptor by spending a Force Point to do so, even if they have not taken that power. However… The use of this option gains them actual Dark Side points based on the level of transgression; Minor – 1d6, Medium – 2d6, Major – 3d6 Dark Side points. At this point if their Dark Side points reaches the normal point of their Wisdom as per the rules they turn fully to the Dark Side.

Also, if a character does indeed hit the full allotment of Dark Side points for their character they can no longer use [Light Side] descriptor powers unless they atone or add an additional point of Wisdom.

My thoughts on why I agree on all this are the stories of Luke Skywalker after the death of his father Anakin. He fell to the Dark Side, atoned, and then went back to being a Jedi, but ALWAYS wears black to remind him of his “bad side”. He can use Force Lightning w/ ease, but he himself is not truly evil…

Just my 2 cents.


P.s. I don’t like thinking of the Dark Side as a form of insanity. I wouldn’t even call Darth Vader or Palpatine actually insane. Out there, yes, but not insane.

The Darkside Score Problem

I do like this option.

The Darkside Score Problem

I do not like this idea. More to come later

The Darkside Score Problem

I feel like you are making the force to be something that just exists and is there to be used and abused for w/e purpose the user sees fit and light and dark sides of the force are merely matters of oppinion. The dark side of the force consists of all the hate anger, rage, malice and negative feelings that exist and eminate from every being in the cosmos. The powers with the dark side discriptor are one of the ways the dark side reaches out to your mind. Its not more powerful than the light side. Just easier. As for insanity, yes! Yes it is just like insanity. The dark side takes a hold of you with w/e it can, and those within it’s grasp

The Darkside Score Problem

It demands more and more out of them. It may not seem like insanity because they are not bouncing of the walls like a madman, but they have that ever nagging voice in the back of their head. If not letting that little voice take control as it becomes stronger and stronger. Your example is a very rare scenario, and may be because of his destiny. To be corrupted and redeemed.

The Darkside Score Problem

The transgressions page is great.

If someone cannot feel the force, I do not see how they could accrue darkside points. If they cannot feel it how can it effect them? Its like if I was deaf and someone over a loud speaker was offering me a ridiculous amount of money to kill the cat. . . They. Oils even begin to convince me.

The Darkside Score Problem

If possible, I would like to divorce this game somewhat from the Star Wars universe. As I view it, I happen to like a system which is based in Star Wars. Instead, I would like everyone think of this game as a mash-up of a number of science fiction sources. Star Wars will make up a good part of it, but it will have some of the Dune mythos, along with a dose of Starship Troopers, maybe some Wrinkle in Time, Firefly and even some Wheel of Time.

With the above said, I’m trying to make Darkside scores something related to the Force. I think of it as being almost analogous to the One Power in the Wheel of Time, but then it doesn’t properly encompass non-Force activity. I’d really rather not use an alignment system, which adds another “resource,” when the game already deals with the matter.

Kesta: I would disagree with you somewhat. Although a creature cannot harness the Force, it is still “connected” to it (with rare exception). I view your noble as still able to become “evil” (overcome by the “Darkside,” perhaps going insane) if she is a cruel and heartless leader.

J: I’m not sure I agree with the house rule. Instead what about the following?

*Revised House Rule #1: Force powers with the [dark side] descriptor may not be taken as part of your Force suite. To use such a Force power, a character may spend a Force point to activate the power when they would normally be allowed. PCs still gain Darkside point(s) for using a [dark side] power as per normal.

As worded, any character can be overcome with emotion and call the darkside of the Force. I’m not sure I like this, making an untrained UTF check (which would likely be fairly low). What does everyone think.

Which reminds me: If anyone has some source material they want added (think Star Trek, not more books), let me know and I’ll try to work them in. Preferably, if you could direct me to a film or wiki for it, I’ll do at least some research on it in an attempt to introduce it.


The Darkside Score Problem

I will meet you and agree on all points :) … with the exception of your references. XD I only understood star wars and firefly xD lol

The Darkside Score Problem

W/ all due respect, I’d like to play Star Wars… Not Starship Troopers… Not Firefly… Not Star Trek… If we’re using the system, why not be there? Sort of confused.

The Darkside Score Problem

From how I understood it, he just wants to divorce it from the movies, so we can create our own story elements without being constrained to the elements presented in the movies. Thus the reason we have been on an Ark for generations, even if the movies and aincient traditions did exist they are but mere legends now. And perhaps we are now in a galaxy far far away from the one presented in the movies. There will be a lot of similarities but there core beliefs may be different. How they use the force will differ, like the witches of wherever compared to the Jedi. The force can be controlled in a variety of different ways thus it is veiwed in a variety of different lights. Heck it may even be a power granted by the gods themselves. Lol. This was my Beowulf of it.

The Darkside Score Problem

Veiw** of it, granted I could be wrong. I do apologize for the mistakes and such, I’m doing all of this from my phone, and its a bit finicky with the longer messages… which like more than 3 sentences :p lol

The Darkside Score Problem

Then that is fine. I’m not saying, “Let’s play the movies over again”, but you get my point… I hope. I believe my character is pretty much done. I also have his imagery as well…

The Darkside Score Problem


I think we are basically in agreement on this. As enjoyable as Episodes IV-VI are, I don’t really have a desire to play/govern them. Instead, I just want a bit of backstory I can eventually reveal. I plan on this adventure taking place in the Star Wars universe. I may create/destroy planets or borrow from other material for story purposes, but it will generally agree with the existing “canon.”

Basically, I don’t want to be burdened by what Luke did or what Sidious found, so I’m starting my game X thousand years ABY to have a bunch of legends about the Jedi and Sith. I see them almost as Greek mythology (stories grown into legends) that are told by parents to children, the story of Luke destroying the Deathstar, how Vader was redeemed.

The call for sources is me looking for other ways to expand/extend the game. I see Starship Troopers as a model for a militant society and the Dune mythos offers a better explanation for the Vong than I can (quickly) find elsewhere. It’s just to help pull the whole thing together and offer some variety in societies.

Off Topic
We are playing Don’s game this weekend, right? If so, I need to find the character sheet for Mogmunch and Invisiboar. Did I leave the Mogmunch sheets at your place, J?

Additionally, I have Jury Duty on Monday, so I may have to ask that we cut the game a bit short. Would everyone be alright with ending around 10:30 at the latest? I would love to stay a bit longer, but I don’t know how the Court staff would approve of me nodding off during the selections.

The Darkside Score Problem

On that note, what time are we meeting up tomorrow? Lol

The Darkside Score Problem

To touch on the subject of Dark Side points:

In the Jedi Academy book there is an alternate rule where after gaining 1/2 your Wisdom modifier in Dark Side points you can begin to resist gaining more by making a save at the time of their use. Take a look at it Jon, it may be worthwhile. (On a side note I for one will not be using Dark Side powers, so this all may be a moot point.)

On character sheets: I do not believe I do. I don’t have the stats to my Goblin any longer and as I have to go to work here shortly I, w/ Don’s permission, may just use Husk. I also was hoping to do this not only to flush out my Druid a bit since I didn’t really play him, but to avoid the OP stupidness that is AoE control. I’ll take a look for you either way. I’ll toss you a text if I find them.

On starting time: I say 5 honestly. Calling it at 10:30 is fine by me. I’ll text Don to let him know.


The Darkside Score Problem

I took a look at the Academy for the Darkside rule. I like it, so, if there is no opposition we will use it. I found it here and for reference, the rule reads:

Resisting the Dark Side’s Call
bq). If a character’s Dark Side Score is more than half of her Wisdom score, she can attempt to resist taking a Dark Side Point. If she makes a successful Wisdom check (DC + 5 + her Dark Side Score), she avoids increasing her Dark Side Score in a situation where she normally would.

So, we will use the basic Darkside rules found in the Core Rules and the above “Resisting the Call.” I may offer one other variant, but only in a dire circumstance (or when I think I can get someone to give in to the call).

At present, there is only the Core and Resisting rules in effect.

The Darkside Score Problem
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