Star Wars: Fig Edition

Log 001: Lexi Keenan


Translation Completed.

Part 1.


“Habitable planet detected, course set, arrival in 48 hours.”

I was currently on the job when that message was spoken over the haphazard intercom. I just finished fixing a leaking gas vent when the com perked up. At first, it took a second to process, and then a couple of hours to actually value what that meant. After such time, I was downright excited. My curiosity has gotten me in trouble in the past but this, this was completely different. As soon as I heard it I wanted to be on that planet yesterday.

A noble and her bodyguard where walking by soon after the announcement. I’ve seen them around of course, but never really got to know them. (mostly cause of I’m a loner) The noble, what was her name? Kesha? Keste? Mmm, maybe it was Kesta, that sounds right, she seems alright for a Zeltron, a little too uppity for my taste but whatever. She said she was going to check and see what the plan was, (her family is up there, so they do have a say in what happens). She asked, or I volunteered, to dig up some info on the planet itself. Her bodyguard stood motionless, as always, she’s the type that seems like she could take you down without breaking a sweat. I never really caught her name. Think it starts with a M…

Anyway, a terminal was nearby, so I thought I could look through some of the files on the computer, see what comes up. After a few moments, I learned the planet is name Belnar, homeworld of the Khil. 23 hours completes a full rotation. 347 said days completes a full revolution.

Met up with Kesta again and her bodyguard. We exchanged info, she didn’t have anything interesting stuff to say, just talked to talk. Though after I told her about the planet being the homeworld of the Khil, she mentioned their are some Khil on the ship. Which is strange since I never seen them around, maybe I need to get out more. Though I did find some cool scrap on my usual explorations.

We went all together to meet the Khil, the bodyguard actually talked to them, being very respectful, which I guess her job calls for. I pretty much daydreamed the whole time, but did ask about their technology and how cities are set-up. We left with them looking at me funny, though I’m not sure why.

Had some time left so I explored a bit. Nothing too exciting until I saw a Yuuzhan Vong exiting the medical research sector. Didn’t think too much about it, I’ve seen them around.

The next day I started as always with work. Fixing a worn down terminal, took about two hours.
Found Kesta again, (even if I don’t mention it, SHE is with her.) talked about…something. But while dillydallying I thought about what the atmosphere and other environmental factors are on Belnar. So I located a nearby terminal and started digging around, though I should say tried too. I’ve always been better with the hardware rather then the software. So I went and looked for a not-too-busy house member. I had to do him a favor by working his shift today but I thought the info was worth it. Took me four hours to do it, damn circuity, almost fried myself.

But the good news that it was worth it, the guy got better dirt then I did. Turns out that the atmosphere is pretty much the same as on the ship, even the gravity is the same. I believed this info was worth calling up Kesta on the com, which I did.

When I was done talking, I looked up the exit ramp off this old hunk of junk. Turns out, I know exactly where it was. Called Kesta and told her where it was, asked to meetup seeing how we were about to land. About 20min to planetside, my parents called up asking me where I was and how, “I was suppose to be with them at this time.” The hell?!? This is the start to a new beginning, how am I to just hunker down and be afraid? I went to see them anyway, tried to bargin with them but talking isn’t my thing, so I just shrugged them off and went back to the door. I was just in time as the door opened and I stepped on the planet.


Figstipher DonJayne

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