Star Wars: Fig Edition

In the Beginning

Alright, so I’ve managed to put this off a good little while, and though I still haven’t had a chance to fully examine the books for use, I have had a chance to set the first scene.

First, each of you are all part of a “Noah’s Ark” of sorts. All of you have been on a ship for the entirety of your lives, as well as your parents, grandparents and so on, at least 10 generations (though this is a bit of a fluid number based on longevity of various races—assume for the moment that all races have basically human life spans). Not much is known about what would have been your homeworld, though there are some passing references to it being destroyed in oral traditions. There is some information stored in the computers on board, but it is fragmented and stories have evolved around the fragments (Think trying to piece together the world only from news headlines). For those of you with Knowledge (history), there is a good chance you have some “bard” in your background or were very close to a family with one. For a good idea of how things have been, check out the film Wall-E and ignore most of the commercialism and sloth.

Now for the classes and how I expect them to fit in with this game.

Nobles: This is somewhat straight forward. It is likely that your family was one of the better educated ones when they were taken aboard the ship, Nowhere. If they weren’t the best educated, then they perhaps ran an important industry—white collars, if you will. They tend to be “people persons,” have unusual knowledge about civilization, people/races, and abstract ideas that are unusually applicable to a given situation that doesn’t involve fitting tube A into coupling B.

Scoundrels: I’m not sure yet how these work, but they were likely rogues of some kind. They are lucky, quick-witted as well as on their feet, and always seem to get out of trouble. They can broker a deal that everyone is happy enough with, and they still come out with a profit.

Scouts: These probably are the most inquisitive of the classes. Odds are most of the people involved with the ship’s everyday activities are scouts, though even the knowledge they possess is fragmented: they are probably apprentices of more experienced scouts and scoundrels who figured it out through trial and error. For those of an engineering bent, you were probably the child taking apart devices and putting them back together with extra features. For those more inclined to exploring, perhaps you were caught sneaking through every corner of the ship finding abandoned areas. Regardless, as a scout, you were always on the hunt for more of what made you tick.

Soldiers: This one also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in the context right now. You were a jock? I don’t know. Perhaps you were a boxer, or a particularly skilled marksman with a blaster. You probably have a tale in your family of a great warrior. Feel free to make up why soldiers still exist (keep in mind that this isn’t a tale from Bioshock, though).

Finally, Jedi: I mentioned earlier that “Jedi” don’t exist in the classical sense. There are probably people out there practicing some form of the Jedi view of the Living Force, though it is rare you would ever find one: think Yoda and how he really doesn’t advertise much. The same is true for Sith/Dark Jedi, though those with darkside scores are very likely if they can use the Force. As of present, the occasional Force user pops up to wreak havoc for a bit as a warlord of sorts, but they tend to burn out rather quickly: since little of the effects of the Force are commonly known, they tend to go insane.
J, for you, given your blindness, you would have probably been taken as a servant to a more wealthy family (perhaps even Kesta’s). It would have been astonishing to any that you could accurately function except for one human on the ship who took a shine to you. Feel free to give him a name and attitude. He was a bit of a recluse, but he was able to guide you in many ways training you in the most basic of Force usage. As it turns out, he was not a Jedi formally, though he is the Keeper of the Book of (insert Force Tradition). He is much like a “wizard” in that he had to study to gain even the most basic of feel for the Force, though you were able to easily feel it and utilize it (your “sight”), like a “sorcerer.” He took you as his caretaker, though, when he was rather old and without children of his own, so he passed down the book and its knowledge to you before he passed. He also gave you a lightsaber, though he had little understanding of it: you were the first person to activate it in several lifetimes.

Think of this whole situation as having some “post-apocalyptic” feel.

Feel free to suggest changes to things I’ve said here. The only thing I request is that before we start, we codify things. I liked the idea J came up with during the Sins game: There is no basic as a universal language. Instead, everyone from the ship can speak some agreed upon language (you guys can all take it as a replacement for Basic—maybe Quarrennese?). Linguist still allows for extra languages, probably taken up by interactions with the other families on the ship. Consider it like ethnic towns in the US: you can hear Italian, Greek, Welsh, Spanish, Arabic (various dialects) throughout Boston or New York, despite the fact that there are not some outrageous number of new immigrants each year.

Let me know if this sounds like a good thing, or if you have any questions. Actually, if they are something that might affect the group, please post them here.


I am having a slight problem with Jays suggested backstory. only on the part where the rest of the ship would be surprised at how he functions. The miraluka are a race, so Jay’s character had to have had parents, grand-parents and so forth. Most of the people on the ship may not understand how they function. But they should know they are perfectly capable of such. although walking around a ship, may prove difficult, I am not sure the ships metal, and/or circuitry would provide any sort of Force signature.

I would propose that the ship be somewhat “decorated” with potted plants, and other flora. This would be explained to everyone else as mere decoration, and keeping our ship homely, and enjoyable. while the behind the scenes purpose would be to aid the miraluka in navigating the ship. something so they don’t constantly run into walls.

I am uncertain how we are sustaining ourselves on this ship, but if we have any sort of agriculture I would say the miraluka would be perfect for the job (give them a place where they can really SEE things :) ) This would give Jay a chance to learn about history and religion and perhaps some sence of the force, until maybe one day they die, or your parents agree to let the old man take you as his apprentice.

In the Beginning

I’ve gotten my explanation for Force Sight dealing with the ship: Don’t worry about it.

Sure, plants and other living things strewn about for the purposes Miralukan navigation. I was planning on it being the species being a “mutant” of human origin. Call it hand-waving. I hadn’t thought there were a whole bunch of them, and that over the generations, the Force sight was diluted, only appearing occasionally.

In the Beginning

What era/time does this take place?

In the Beginning

Era: Distant future, many thousands of years ABY.

In the Beginning

Regarding my items:

- I like the story. Perhaps combine the two? As we have been on this ship of sorts for eons then it would make sense that the possibility of slave trading exists. Perhaps the hermit won me in a card game as my original owners just thought I was blind, but the hermit knew what potential I really had because he read of my race. Perhaps I later began to work for Kesta’s family, even though I was blind. Perhaps this hermit also worked there off and on? Who knows.

And the way my sight works, think Neo at the end of the Matrix seeing nothing, but code. Yup, that’s it. I can fully read, hell I get major bonuses to see even hidden/invisible creatures. My only fault is seeing things OF the Force itself. Like, I can tell a Sith easily from a Jedi. It’s like glorified Dark Vision. I’m not actually blind. Instead of having physical eyes, I have mental ones.

I like it. A lot.

Question: Fig, may I choose a Force Tradition that may be in another book w/ your approval?

In the Beginning

In the Beginning

First, eyes. Cool, you see things based on their Force signature. If I understand how you are thinking it works, you would see Yoda as a very bright white/blue goblin-like silhouette, Chewie as tall bear-thing with a comparatively dim white/blue color, and Anakin (pre-Vader, post Dooku killing) would be a somewhat bright red person shape that doesn’t have a hand.

Does that sound fair? You see people based on the size of their Schwartz (brightness) and the shape of their living, Force emanating parts.

You want a different Force tradition? I should ask first, which one? And second, I encourage it. The only stipulation I’m going to make is that should the time come, I may ask you to explain/extrapolate whatever is in the book the former keeper gave you. We may also need to talk a bit about how you continue learning about that tradition if there are no teachers of it.

I mentioned it before so I’m sorry to keep harping on it. As a group, we need to decide how to govern Darkside scores. Again, we need to come to some baseline consensus. After we have that, as a group, we can alter it appropriately.

In the Beginning

Take a look at this thread:

I really like the guys interpretation of what each sight looks like toward the bottom of the page. I’ll respond to your Dark Side point thread now…


P.s. I’ll look into the different Traditions and get back to you soon.

In the Beginning

I figure my back story is that I live with my parents, my father runs a mechanic shop and fixes anything that people bring in. My mother is perhaps a member of the police force on the ship or even an investigator. They teach me and show me everything and I help out as best as I can, fixing things mostly side by side with them.

If this is a slaver ship then this would be different, because I way am currently thinking of massive ship as if as a city, with different decks being different sections that a normal city would have. For example, the lower decks might be the poor section, and then there is the market district somewhere else and then of course the nobles area, and so on and so forth.

If I’m wrong then by all means correct me.

In the Beginning

Okay, if thus has it been written then let it be so, Jay you mutated miruman!! :) hmm… slave trade, interesting… well everyone needs there place right?

In the Beginning

Do we have an underground war between the different noble houses vying for control of the entire ship that has lasted throught the generations with no end in sight. Maybe one house has found a secret weapon amongst the slaves that is now being trained for the good of the house, his family and (in our eyes) the ship as a whole.

In the Beginning

Don: Yes, my conception of the ship is that it is a refugee ship of sorts. Basically, I saw it as a great flying city-state.

J: I like how that works, too. They thread also mentions things cut-off from the force are effectively invisible to Miraluka. It shouldn’t have an immediate effect, but keep this in mind.

Kesta: Do you want there to be a “cold war” happening among high houses?

In the Beginning

Sight – A+

City state. Sweet, what’s it look like? A cube? Discs connected by a central pillar/elevator. Lol

In the Beginning

I don’t know. I was thinking something vaguely similar to the prison in Chronicles of Riddick, layers in a sphere with a somewhat more open core for a field or park of sorts.

In the Beginning

And as for the cold war, well you have my oppinion on that somewhere :p lol

In the Beginning

I put together my stats for character. Man, I love that you can’t exactly make an over the top character, stat-wise, w/out taking a major hit to other stats.


In the Beginning

It is a well balanced system and this ability generation is just the proscribed one in the core rules. If this game had been OGL, I would probably only played this system and tried to develop talents for other time periods.

While I’m thinking about it, I think I mentioned to everyone, but there will be a gift basket for starting items (those not proscribed by your class). I’ll try to keep them class relevant, but most likely, the items will be more survival oriented. I’ll get your input as I assemble the gift baskets.

In the Beginning

Hey, everyone. A few things:

First, send me a message of sorts with what you want your Destiny to be, and I’m going to post it somewhere on Obsidian for me to remember and keep the game focused on them. Don’t worry, I’ll keep them all hidden in one way or another.

Second, I’ve invited two of my friends to this game. Crovax and Doty (to avoid name confusions) are good buddies of mine and also well acquainted with Dr. Universe. They will be playing a few NPC entities in the game (the equivalent of the Thieves or Mages Guild). They will post here maybe once a week with what their entities are pushing. They also may send a PM to secretly relay what the entity wants to have done.

Lastly, I’ve spoken with basically everyone about what they are playing and how everyone is related in the ship. Here is (hopefully) a final recap.

*Kesta: You are a Zeltron noble of House (choose name). You are a humanitarian and want everyone to get along.

*Don: You are a Chiss scout (engineering bent). You are the child of scientist and soldier parents. Your family is associated with a different House than Kesta’s, but you are not beholden to this other House. (Name of House to come shortly.) Kesta’s House probably called upon your family to work on their “holodeck.”

*J: You are a Miralukan Jedi. You are a former slave, though now you are an orphaned “child.” (Think Aladdin in the early parts of the Disney film: capable, in jail at some point, now a self-trained lightsaberist.) You are a “soldier” in service to one of the Houses, probably Kesta’s.

Sound about right?


In the Beginning

Sounds good by me. I don’t have any qualms. I’ll be sending you a PDF of my character sheet here shortly along w/ the Destiny information.

In the Beginning

I had a short conversation with Kesta that brought about something new to me: Near-Humans.

After looking into the Wookiepedia (which I think will become the important online document for canon disputes), and it basically sums up as “any species/race that has the same general physique as Humans and (likely) no extra appendages_." (_Italics are my addition.) The last bit rules out Twi’Lek (for our purposes), but it keeps Miralukan, Chiss and Zeltron. I don’t know if it will be important, but it might be needed for Near-Human prerequisites.

In the Beginning

Cool Beans

In the Beginning

Woot!!! see y’all tonight!! :D

In the Beginning
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